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Succession planning for the online world – What is a digital asset anyway?

With the ever increasing role of social media, online data storage, and online shopping in our daily lives, lawyers now have to contemplate how best to “succession plan” for a client’s digital assets on death! Most of us have a variety of online accounts, whether it be for Rewards points, Facebook, LinkedIn, a business website, Netflix, […]

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My Fair Share?

PART 1 – WILL-MAKERS PERSPECTIVE As parents, we expect our children to have the occasional argument or even (gasp!) fight with each other, but most of us have no idea how nasty things can get if a legal war erupts after we are gone because of a B.C. law, known rather innocuously as the Wills, […]

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Is The Collaborative Divorce Process Only for Couples Who Get Along Well and Don’t Fight?

Many people who first learn about collaborative divorce incorrectly assume that it only works for couples who get along well and don’t fight. The thinking is that if there is significant conflict the couple is not able to negotiate a settlement and likely will need a court to impose an order on them. This isn’t […]

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